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Should Murray Keep Mauresmo?

The topic which is being discussed in the British media quite frequently these days is the future of Andy Murray-Amelie Mauresmo relationship as player-coach. Whether the Scot should part ways with the 35-year old former French player or he should trust her and give her a long contract extension, everybody seems to have an opinion on this.

Some are saying that it’s unfair to blame Mauresmo for what has happened with Murray in the recent tournaments as she just hasn’t had enough time to work on the game of the player.

The other section believes that the she is just not good enough for the post that has been given to her.

Murray was not short of options when he was searching for a new coach, but, he opted for Mauresmo because he thought that the Frenchwoman would help him improve on the mental front. That’s what he had said in one of his interviews.

Let’s see how strong a person Mauresmo was mentally during her playing days. She played professional tennis for about 15 years and during that period; she just lifted two slam trophies. Now, the skills that she had had; it is not a good number at all. She should have won a lot more, but, she couldn’t and that’s due to her not so good temperament. She herself used to have confidence problem when she was active as a player. So, how did Murray trust her to get him better temperamentally? That’s an important question.

Mauresmo does have helped some players in the recent times, but, helping players and being a player’s permanent coach are two different things especially when the player is of the stature of Murray.

If Mauresmo continues, she can still have a successful stint with Murray. Nobody knows. But, the possibility of that happening is less, that’s for sure

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David Ferrer sets a blockbuster match with Rafael Nadal

David Ferrer stormed into the quarter finals being the world number 5 to set a blockbuster match with world number 1 and undisputed King of the clay Rafael Nadal. The match lived up to its expectations but there was a clear winner.

Ferrer came into the match with confidence as he had triumphed over Nadal in his past three clashes with him winning two out of three matches in the tournament. Before the match Ferrer’s motives were very clear as he had planned to play aggressive tennis and not giving much room to Rafael Nadal. In the first set itself Ferrer showed his class by taking away the set by 6-4 but after the first set it was total class and performance by Nadal who kept up his nerves and took the three sets from him with a 6-4, 6-0 and 6-1 win.

Ferrer gave a tough fight to Nadal and from the beginning he looked confident and aggressive and from the first set it felt as if he is going to clinch it from Nadal. He had beaten Nadal in the Monte Carlo Masters so he was pumped up. After the first set Ferrer looked nervous and became jittery, lost control and also turned inconsistent. He proved to be a better player against Nadal in the first set. But in the remaining three sets he could not convert any of the break chances.

Ferrer also could not play any big points like Nadal and in major grand slams once again Ferrer was ousted due to inexperience. Coming up with bigger and better shots is always opportune which Ferrer lacked totally but gave a tough fight to Rafael Nadal. Ferrer still has to learn to control the aggression and reserve the strength at peak times and once he does so he will be at the top of his game.

Murray Unsure About New Head Coach

Andy Murray has said that he is not sure if he would be able to appoint a new head coach before the start of this year’s Wimbledon Championship.

Murray hasn’t had anybody as head coach since the last 3 months. Ivan Lendl who helped the Scot achieve a lot of success parted ways with him earlier this year. Thereafter, a lot of names have popped up including some of the former greats, but, Murray hasn’t got in touch with anybody.

He, however, had disclosed in one of his interviews a couple of weeks back that he had decided who was going to be his next coach, but, he would appoint him only at an appropriate time.

After his defeat against Rafael Nadal in the semi final of the French Open, when Murray was asked about the coach appointment, he said, “There is no development in that regard in the last couple of weeks. I haven’t had a chat with anyone. May be in the near future, I would approach somebody. I am not sure, but, let’s see.”

Meanwhile, Murray admitted the fact that the defeat that he suffered against Nadal was not easy to sink in.

Talking about the game, the Scot said, “You get frustrated when you lose matches like these. I think I tried too many things in desperation and lost the plot. I probably needed to be a little more relaxed.”

“You don’t forget such days in a heartbeat. It takes time, but, a lot of games have been coming up and it’s important for me to shift my focus onto them. I can’t change what has already happened. So, it’s better to think about future.”

The next tournament that Murray will participate in is the Aegon Championships.

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