9 thoughts on “1988 Wimbledon Martina Navratilova Chris Evert Part 3

  1. @rhysepoos Martina Navratilova played her own style of Tennis and had power to back up her game. And she adapted to the level of play whenever she played, proof, winning a Grand Slam Title in 2006, her last major Tournament. Incredible. I agree she didn’t play a baseline pure power game all the time because that was not her style, but she had plenty of power in her baseline game and had that added Serve and Volley to back it up. And she hit the ball hard. She is an innovator.

  2. @JimAsian1 Completely agree. I was listing post-Navratilova players, but of course Navratilova revolutionised the game in a big way.

  3. @rhysepoos In addition, Chris also adapted to the powergame. Although I don’t feel Chris hit the ball as hard because of the technology, she was the most mentally tough player and she always adapted to the new equipment. She would have adapted fine with the new equipment and hit the ball as hard or even harder. And Chris was again the most mentally tough players of all time.

    Both Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova were incredible players.

  4. @rhysepoos In my opinion and others, Martina is also part of that group you listed. She was the most physically fit player when she played and one of the most athletic players of all time. And she also had power in her game. Three years later from this match, she was playuing with alot more power in that the rackets had gotten even more powerful. She always was at the top of the game because of her athleticism and she was also a player that changed the game.

  5. @JimAsian1 I don’t disagree with you at all. My comment wasn’t a critique of past players – I have no doubt that Navratilova and Evert could adapt however they needed to. I was simply surprised at how different women’s tennis was 25 years ago. I now understand why Graf, Seles, Hingis and the Williams sisters were so sensational; they each changed the women’s game so much.

  6. @rhysepoos @rhysepoos We agree to disagree. Martina won a Grand Slam in 2006, so she could compete whenever she played. And Chris would adapt too. Whenever you played, you have to adapt. It’s not that different. It’s different, but not that different. The fact that Martina won a Grand Slam event in here last U.S. Open is proof that players adapt and the top players rise.


  7. I never knew how different the modern game is compared to those days. The women’s game is such a power game nowadays, while back then there was more focus on technique and precision. It’s interesting how Evert’s relatively weak serve wasn’t considered too important because she was so good on the baseline, but in the modern power game, you’d be slaughtered with a serve like that.

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