11 thoughts on “1999 Wimbledon Finals Sampras Agassi (1 of 13)

  1. OH MY GOD!!! If Sampras did not get in the way of this Wimbledon finalvAgassi would have won all fours majors Australian, French, Wimbledon and US Open all in the SAME year 1999. A feat that has not been accomplished till this day. I just begin to wonder how many more slams Agassi would have won if Sampras did not play.

  2. Has anyone else noticed how quickly they go from point to point?

    Nowadays they take fucking ages.

  3. @DunkinDonutful I don’t like Sampras, never have, but he didn’t ‘rob’ Agassi of no. 1 for nearly a decade. Agassi robbed himself. He was stubborn, didn’t like to train and was busy doing ‘other stuff.’ He also was basically concerned about RG and US Open. He barely tried at Wimbledon until 1991/1992, and didn’t even travel to Australia until 95 (the year he won, too!). He also had a mid tennis career crisis after he won gold in 96 until early 99. All Agassi had to do was focus more.

  4. The Sampras and Agassi rivalry was amazing. Its a shame that in retirement the two are continuously at it…(mainly Agassi’s fault given he still can’t get over the fact that Sampras robbed him of no.1 for nearly a decade).

  5. I was always an Agassi fan, but this performance is just god-like from Sampras. Kudos! 😛

  6. @MrShwinner Sampras was never the G.O.A.T. and never will be. The jerk couldn’t even make the finals once at Roland Garros. Never could stand watching samprass, am very happy that he’s gone. Federer outshines Sampras in every way possible

  7. TJ Hunt, ur a freaking legend. I love this match. Sampras will be forever the GOAT. He was jacked in 1999.

  8. @quest8899 Funny because when he was younger, he actually refused to play Wimbledon at times because of it’s dress code. The here he is, wearing that sweater vest…. 0_o

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