24 thoughts on “2011 Wimbledon Federer Vs. Sampras 10-Year Anniversary

  1. federer is the most gifted and just naturally able. player ever. he was BORN to play this game. he is as perfect as possible to play tennis. and he’s the most well rounded player ever. if nadal never showed up, fed would have won the SLAM twice. he was in the final of the french 6 times.

  2. Last I checked he was two-up against Tsonga, so I expect he cruised through to the final.

  3. What Tom Rinaldi doesn’t mention is that in fact both guys played a very similar match. Federer was serving and volleying almost as much as Sampras was, and was hitting just as hard as Sampras, but we know ESPN loves to distort facts and sensationalize.

  4. Federer never won at RG before the clay played significantly faster. Basically all surfaces play similarly these days in order to cater to baseliners. Cannot compare across eras. Also, Roger grew up and learned playing on clay. Sampras did win a couple of clay court tournaments (94 Rome, I believe), so he wasn’t horrible on clay. The same guys make the semis of every tournament these days, and all play exactly the same (no)variety of tennis. Homogenization kills.

  5. unlike Sampras Federer plays well on ALL surfaces and unlike Sampras Federer has made ALL 4 slam finals 3x

  6. it does not. but he had so much influence in making me love that sport in general that, out of symbolism, i actually consider grieving him by not watching tennis anymore for a while when he leaves, lol.

  7. Hmmmm,in 90’s tennis surfaces didn’t change a lot. Federer started with a fast grasscourts and if it stayed like that,he wold dominate on grass totaly. But he adopted very well on this slowing down of grass and hardcourts. Supouse that happened in 90’s, I’m not sure if Sampras would have that kind of success. Then,that would aloud players like Agassi or Chang to have even more success than they had. That’s why Nadal,Djoko and others are so god. Fed just has more variabillity then Sampras.

  8. Before he exited his prime. It’s not that roddick is bad, it’s just that federer is the best

  9. I think roddick was supposed to be Sampras 2.0 but Roddick can’t serve and volley 😛

  10. Federer will always be my favourite player, and an inspiration to all those lucky enough to watch him play.

  11. Then you’re wrong, because Sampras was actually known to have the best serve in the game. Those two players are definitely legends to the sport, I just hope Federer will win another slam before he retires.

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