What are you supposed to do if you have to play an Olympic final in a couple of hours? Well one of the things that you are definitely not supposed do is to have a heavy meal. But, if you are Andre Agassi, you can have that and you can still go on to grab the gold.

The weather had been poor all through the last week of the 1996 Olympic competition and the day the final had to be held, it got from bad to worse. There were dark clouds all over and anyone could tell that the match would be delayed by at least 5 to 6 hours if not many and Agassi thought the same too and that’s why, he filled his stomach with a delicious chicken item.

But, the God probably wanted to play a trick with him. The dark clouds which were looking really, really threatening blew away fast and only after a bit of a drizzling, it all cleared and there was no more delay than 15 minutes for the contest to be underway.

Poor Agassi was taken aback. That was a spot he had hard earned. He had no form the whole season, no slam success, a couple of minor titles, nothing other than that. However, he had turned the corner in the Olympic. The Gold was in touching distance, but, then what had he done ahead of the main game? Chicken sandwich, really? Who takes the court after such a heavy meal?

Though the motivation of representing America was perhaps too big to let the meal affect him as Agassi pulled out a top show to add one more Gold to the medals’ tally of his nation which lastly ended up with more than 40 Gold medals in that Olympic.