The world number 3 Roger Federer is back in form again after defeating British Andy Murray in the finals of Dubai Duty Free ATP Tour Tennis Tournament. The former world number 1 is back amongst winning streak, and won his fifth title in Dubai on Saturday. His upcoming Tours includes Indian Wells and Miami and he wants to focus one at a time. He refuses to think about Wimbledon, Olympics or the US Open which is due in August. The Swiss star is in great form after winning 5 out of the 7 ATP s he has played in. His last titles coming within a week and he has not even dropped a set and 8 of the top ten players made the starting line-up.

Federer believes that once you are on a winning note then all the problems begins to vanish. There are no criticisms and the confidence comes back. He claims that he has played well in the Dubai series and also the one he played at Rotterdam a week before.

When he was asked by the scribes on why he refused to play an exhibition match with Rafael Nadal in Spain, he looked a bit hesitant. He says that he did not refuse the match but it did not match his dates. The match did not work out because of the tight schedule. The match was supposed to be held somewhere between the Wimbledon and the Olympics, he said. . He feels that in the coming future there can be an exhibition match, if the dates tally.