The Olympic Games has always interested sportsman from various sectors and avenues. They have always preferred making a chance to participate at the Olympics as they feel it will earn them a lot of brownie points and improve their ranking and status. Most of the tennis players are no exception to this rule and they feel that it is a sense of pride to have won a medal at the Olympics.

However, Roger Federer himself has actually thought of it and has realized that  winning the ATP events like that of the Indian Wells which he recently accomplished, can actually go on to improve his popularity among the tennis circuit. Earning fame from these events is equally strong as those of the Olympics. People need to realize the importance of their game play and no matter whichever avenue o tournament they participate in, the end result is always good if one can remain focused.

Roger Federer is a six times Wimbledon champion and hence to go about [proclaiming that the legacy of Federer is more crucial than that of a Wimbledon tournament is highly non-sensical and illogical. One avenue which Roger Federer needs to improve in is the fact that he has not yet scored a single gold at the singles event and this would actually help him improve his ratings and career ranking if he wins this achievement.

Trying to come to agreement to the terms that a single Olympic Event is enough to state that Roger Federer gains the best ever label is highly uncertain. A player’s worth is not decided by just a single huge event. It might help him to get a little higher for a while, but if there is no consistency in the performance all the fame dies down.