25 thoughts on “[HL] Steffi Graf vs. Monica Seles 1992 Wimbledon [F]

  1. Oh yeah just had to add it is hilarious Seles and Martina fans diss Graf’s dominance in 87-89 saying she was owning an old Martina, then gush about Seles beating a much older Martina at Wimbledon 92, around the same time she was losing to 15 year old Capriati, Harvey Wild, and Conchita Martinez in her other grass events around then.  Truly hilarious and hypocritical.

  2. 3. Graf fans would not have gushed about it being a “big win” had she beaten Martina in the semis here (which she would have done easily). She had lost only 1 match to old Martina in the last 5 years since 1987, so beating Martina would have just been expected, not a big win.

    4. Nobody is claiming beating old Martina wasnt a big win for Seles on grass. It is probably her biggest ever win on grass. However to suggest it is proof Monica was destined to win Wimbledon this year is bogus.

  3. So much crap in only a couple posts as usual for you.

    1. Seles herself said her still being ranked co #1 in the summer of 96 was an embarassment and that Steffi was clearly and by far #1 at that point no mater what the computer said. Her own words.

    2. Martina was not ranked 3rd at the time of Wimbledon 92. She was ranked a distant 4th, many points behind Sabatini. She had recently been ranked as low as 6th, behind Sanchez and Fernandez. Her last weeks ranked in top 3 was early 91.

  4. Graf hinting that she might complain in the final while never complaining before shows how desperate she was for a slam win since Monica was winning pretty much everything else for three years just like her complaining about the co number ranking given to Monica when she came back in 95 really says it all doesn’t it??

  5. This could of been a classic final between the two great players of this period but due to grunt gate we all got a stinker with Monica playing like a shadow of her semi final match

  6. Martina was three in the world still beating graf seles sabatini after this so on fast surfaces she was right up there typical graf fanatics down playing a good win by Monica if graf beat martina in the semis here I could just hear how great a win if was for steffi

  7. Thank you Marcus and others who speak the truth. My god, I have to fight people on Yahoo boards all day.

  8. Grass is also a surface that rewards big serves and short rallies if your game suits grass it is the easiest of the Slams to win this final was a huge disappointment as mo I a did not show up she was a shadow of the player in the semis

  9. Graf owns Seles………Seles had to struggle to beat Graf in 3 tight sets on clay and in 2 tight sets on slow hard court, while she had no answer to Graf’s speed and forehand on grass and fast hard court…. and also, Seles is nothing but a whining cunt.

  10. You are probably right especialy since Sharapova is a much better grass court player than even peak Seles was.

  11. Graf – Seles before stabbing 6-4

    Graf -Seles after stabbing 10-5

    too Graf beat Seles in 1998 after After a year and a half out of the tour and a painful her knee operation, while Seles was three years since her return

  12. I think serena’s 6-0 6-1 beating of Maria Sharapova at the olympics on this surface was probably better.

  13. Graf won 7 of the 9 Wimbledons from 1988-1996 so Graf was by far the one to beat on grass during this period, and by far the best grass player in the World in the late 80s, early 90s, and mid 90s, not Martina, especialy the really old Martina of 1992, so Seles beating Navatilova is no indication she could or should beat Graf on grass. By your logic 15 year old Capriati who beat granny Navratilova in 1991 in straight sets should have won Wimbledon but went on lose in straights to Sabatini, lol!

  14. You are so stupid. Navratilova was ranked only 5th in the World by then, and nowhere near her best, nor anywhere near Graf or Seles at that point, although on grass she and Seles were almost equal since Seles is so bad on it. She was regularly losing at Wimbledon to people like Novotna and Capriati by then, so the #1 ranked Seles beating her was no big deal (although telling to what a weak grass player Seles is, 36 year old Navratilova is her biggest ever win by far).

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