25 thoughts on “Martina Navratilova on Wimbledon 2008

  1. @pearpeas rofl overrated. its hard to be overrated when your statistics speak for themselves. just sayin.

  2. “…she goes on to complement the W sisters..?” Enough said.
    Infantile racism is an exaggerated classification—if my racism was “mature” would my comment holds more validity? My comment stands………Martina is overrated. Let’s talk when she allow her testosterone to her to give a compliment.

  3. @pearpeasHave some respect for a woman who has excelled at her chosen occupation and don’t call her bitch. Navratilova goes on to be very complimentary about both Serena and Venus, and it’s impossible to interpret your remarks as anything other than a product of foetid infantile racism.

  4. Bitch please. Get over Justine. What you are really saying, is that finally a player came along what could possibly challenge the sisters……

  5. In singles, Navratilova won 167 titles, Evert 157 and Graf 107. In doubles Martina won 177 titles, Evert 32 and Graf 11.

    So if you take Martina’s total tour wins (344) that is more than Evert’s and Graf’s totals combined (306).

  6. well actually if you combine graf and ever’s records that would surpase martina i agree that martina is great but to say that she was won more than any other two players combined is wrong

  7. Martina and her big mouth! I have a very hard time trying to recall a time in which Martina has ever spoken positively about Serena or Venus.

  8. You need to learn how to read, it is not what she said that is racist but rather her actions. Racist may be too strong, so prejudice/bias fits better.

  9. You are right in your assessment because many others as well as Martina (whom I have a lot of respect for) always accuse the Williams’ sisters of not having variety and being baseline hitters only. Martina says this early in the clip but not directly about the Williams but everybody else except Henin.

  10. Martina is skillful,intelligent and such a free spirit.I used to enjoy her games…and those were the days!

  11. Martina, you are so intelligent and insightful. I grew up watching you getting the better of Chris Evert. You are the best woman player ever.

  12. I doubt that Henin would have beaten Queen Venus if she played her at Wimbledon in 08. VEnus id the Queen of grass courts PERIOD!

  13. womens tennis really got a bit boring since justine henin left the tour. henin and hingis are missing cos they had a special game. the girls are really playing similar…how boring.

  14. It’s always someone like you who tries to stir up controversy by making the williams sisters be the victims. Martina didn’t discredit them in any way if you truly watch this video, she picked them as wimbledon champion. So what if they have amazing records, so do Federer who yet kept losing to Nadal and Murray. So to say Serena the best? I am sorry, but many people have different views on who the best. Martina also has her own definition which you disagree; but doen’t mean she’s wrong.

  15. i see someone is oblivious to the fact that serena has a winning record on all those so called talents that u assume serena benefitted from when they retired… life is what it is, either you become a champion and win majors like serena or you choose to retire and it was their choice to retire not serena.. dont forget serena won all four majors when everyone was still on tour. it is people like you who fail to realise the facts which causes you degrade someone even tho the facts uplifts them.

  16. I agreed. Martina has given them so much credit. she even suggested the Williams sisters are the one to beat in Wimbledon in this video. So i have no idea why these twats here keep whining Martina about ignoring the Williams sisters? As if the Williams sisters have to be in the centre of every conversation. Lol.

  17. A pathetic predictable outcome does anyone care anymore? She can keep winning as many slams as they want. However, at the end of the day we know they won only because they benefited all of their fierce rivals are gone. That hardly a credit for Serena’s 11 slam victory. I think Serena can end up winning 15/6 slams considering no rivals in the tour. She won a lot of slams more than anyone, but is she the best? nah. Is she a fighter? yeah. Is she rich? sorry i don’t give credits to opportunist.

  18. Never mind that psychopathic bitch. Martina has been right about the sad stage of the women’s game without talent like Henin. She wiped the floor with both Williams in grand slams, now she’s retired. These part-time veterans continue to dominate the game like they did during 02-03? Talk about going backward. Again it’s not their faults, but overall women’s game is so pathetic that I don’t even mind it’s cancelled. Men’s game is much competitive and interesting to watch.

  19. Women’s tennis has been in bad shape now ever since Henin’s retirement started. No single woman is talented enough to touch the Williams sisters who just show up the tour whenever they need a cheque. I really miss those competitive years when we still had Davenport, Carpriati, Williams Sisters, Justine, Clijsters and a group of young russians competing. Those golden days are long gone. Now people start losing interests in women’s tennis in wimbledon.

  20. U get off youtube, u little piece of shit !!!!! You know nothing; so shut up! Sorry Nicklas4500, language and all, but these idiots r getting on my nerves. And idolopinions u r a huge idiot !!!

  21. actually serena is far greater than henin, she has 10 majors… and shes gona win wimbledon to make it 11…

  22. in 2007 Martina publicly acclaimed Venus Williams as one of the all-time greats: “Venus has joined the small group of women to have won a Grand Slam tournament five times but in my opinion she has been a great champion for a long time.” She added: “Both players [Venus and Serena] are still very much a force and can lift their games for the big occasions – and that’s what makes a champion.”

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