25 thoughts on “Navratilova, Paes Vs Sharapova, Mirnyi US Open 2004 Highlights

  1. Oh my goodness. Pova has no clue what she is doing. So many times she
    failed to cover the DTL return when Max poached to cut off the cross court
    return on her serve. Just basic doubles movement 101.

  2. that’s why Navratilova had won the biggest number of championships, because
    he had an amazing mentality . . . even though her muscles look extremely
    “ugly” (in fact, they are striated, really powerful muscles, not pumped-up,
    fluffy), she don’t use her power too much, she saves her energy over the
    limit I can say 😀 but because she is sooo calm . . . fantastic !

  3. You aren’t seeing the whole match. I was there and believe me Screamapova
    was in full form. It got to the point where we were laughing during the
    point because she sounded like she was being raped.

  4. you lot stop pointing your fingers at sharapova because you’re probably
    just as useless at whatever shit job you have. at least she tries.

  5. she’s admittedly not a good volleyer. she’s always been very
    straightforward about the technical vulnerabilities in her game. she’s
    knowingly untalented. she owes her success to lots and lots of hard work
    and i think thats pretty awesome

  6. I hate the announcers…. talking about someone’s brain lesion in the
    middle of a point?! Who cares talk about that during changeover. During the
    point shut up.

  7. @wozniacki15 wow i wouldn’t say that, i’m a little bit surprised with the
    way she played in the doubles, it was a pretty good match, but you know
    Navratilova/Paes were multiple-slam in the doubles competition

  8. she’s obviously not a natural and she knows it, she’s very candid about it.
    her partner was a bit of a dick as well, poached almost every single time.

  9. sharapova seems completly useless. she has a good serve and good return,
    but besides that Mirny would have been better off if she sat downa nd just
    got out o the way. Amazing how well Martin was still playing!!

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