11 thoughts on “Pete Sampras v Pat Rafter 2000 Wimbledon final highlights Pt 1

  1. yeah,serve and volley,what a time it was. i remember hewitt emerging on the scene in 2000,with a baseline tennis. he was first i should say wall like tennis player. tennis equipment also improved witt balls,surfaces changed slowly especially graff thesedays being slower what favorites baseliners…yeah,but, oneday serve and volley will came back. i’m sure…..

  2. thx for this upload, I would love to see all Sampras Wimbledon finals, lots of different rivals but he always played the same game he is the best !!!

  3. It makes me kinda sad too to see this. It was indeed one of the very last breaths of serve and volley tennis, in that 2000-2001 period. I also remember the Krajicek – Sampras quarterfinal at the US Open that year and of course Rafter – Ivanisevic in 2001. Let’s hope one day it will return……

  4. I am glad all my friends are here in this forum:-) And they have something valuable to say, like always.

    These to guys are pure artists on grass. So skilled (10:00min woww)
    They even look very good:-))

    I hope one day, if they speed up the grass again, I will again have an opportunity to see more colourful matches with great SV, returns, passing shots, slam dunks, net rushing, sweet touch… (like Sampras-Agassi, Edberg-Courier, Becker-Kafelnikov-Rafter-Stich¬≠¬≠…)

  5. Oh I should also mention Tsonga, to include this generation. Attacking as in really vicious and when they play their best they shut you down. Also I hear Raonic is like that…

  6. @andydufresne87 federer is very good, Hes the opposite of pete, his strength was always defence. Like Marcelo Rios, Taking pace off the ball, using the opponents pace, Slice, Chip and Block the ball playing junk tennis. So I respect that hes the best ever at that but, I dont rate him as an “attacking player” when the chips are down he retreats to defence, Agassi, Sampras, Rafter, Edberg, Becker (to name a few) They attack when the chips are down, Sooo very different. Pete was the best at it.

  7. @Techtribal1990 I am the generation that had the priviladge to watch Pete’s greatness, as you said in this post, the concetration and talent of the returner must be out of this world to produce such a shotmaking under pressure. Pete Sampras at his best is like a shark that smells blood, he will destroy you, you don’t have any rithm, he attacks the opponent’s serve constantly in search for winners or easy volleys. His attacking potential is better then Federer’s.

  8. @drugstoremarc —

    Well its strange there’s nothing on youtube re this match other than one minute highlights so I decided to correct that. It was a great match and it will be in 4 or 5 parts over the next two days.

    By the way, the Sampras passing shots, superb – to me that’s what serve and volley is all about, the challenge that is set for the returner to come up with incrdible stuff.

  9. I have this match, dude!! In good ol’ VHS!! This match and the ’01 final against Ivanisevic were the very last breath of serve and volley tennis… This makes me kinda sad…

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