25 thoughts on “Roger Federer’s perfect day at Wimbledon – Wimbledon 2014

  1. roger eats yogourt ???
    that’s why he doesn’t win grand slam !
    milk products are very bad for health

  2. it’s amazing to see that he’s trying to give his 100% even in the

  3. The best thing about Federer is that despite being considered the best
    player of all time you can see that he’s still genuinely a fan! I can
    absolutely see him having a day like that at wimbledon, though I doubt he
    would be able to keep a low enough profile. The day he retires will be a
    very very sad day for Tennis, it’ll lose a bit of it’s soul without him.

  4. This is a 32 year old man who has four children and he likes going clubbing
    at night. I love it. 

  5. Every interview of Roger is cool. He’s so nice and funny. What a great
    champion ! Probably the greatest of all the time. I wish him the best this
    year in Wimbledon. He deserves winning another Grand Slam. So proud being
    your fan, Rodg!

  6. YAY casual Federer steppin’! Being a rascal and avoiding porridge cause
    it’s not normal ay? haha 😀 loved this interview! — I’ll go dine and club
    with you Roger!

  7. Interesting that Rafa also answered “Borg and McEnroe” and also didn’t care
    which player won. As a fan, they’d just enjoy watching.

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