25 thoughts on “Sampras Ivanisevic Wimbledon 1994

  1. One thing about Ivanisevic, he downed 15 – 40´╗┐ but still nailed two first serves (very fast 2nd serve). I’m glad he finally got one Wimbledon title ­čÖé

  2. @FExpiate try researching racket and string tech (as in taking an effortless rip and the ball and it’s a shot with incredible power and spin), slow´╗┐ courts, modern ball construction, and inconsistancy in everyone except federer and nadal for 6 straight years (both winning 21 out of 24 slams at one point). then come back and talk

  3. I hate watching serve and´╗┐ volley fests, glad the days when wimbledon finals were contested between them are over.

  4. @picus11 Why is it different for´╗┐ Americans than French? If French do it then they are arrogant and if American’s do it then they are stupid. That makes no sense.

  5. @picus11 It’s for sur NOT disrespectfull to pronounciate wrong a name if you have no clue how to prononciate´╗┐ , or if you just cannot do it like it should be. What is disrespectfull, are people like you, that are talking about “French arrogance”, something that simply doesn’t exist, or just in the mind of yourself maybe.

    I don’t know what G├ęrard Depardieu has to do with that, he is a good actor, but surely not the allmighty of France, and far of that.

  6. @Notir072 Yeh, of cos:-) I bet u also pronounce right Andy Murray, Michael Jackson, Grand Slam, Johnny Hallyday, Petr ─îech and a LOT of others. You fuck up many names´╗┐ there. Its disrespectful and disgusting. Ask Gerard Depardieu what he thinks of French arrogance, u wont like it. LOL

  7. ce commentateur est nul! primo, il se trompe sur la prononciation de Ivanisevic qu’il prononce Ivasinevic, mais il va plus loin: alors qu’on aper├žoit le coach de Sampras, Tim Gullickson et la fianc├ę de Pete de l’├ępoque, ce journaliste les pr├ęsente comme ├ętant de l’entourage d’ivanisevic!
    et enfin, ├á la fin, lorsqu’il annonce que sampras fit le break pour´╗┐ mener 3/0, il dit que c’est le seul break de la partie! j’suis d├ęsol├ę mais le dernier set fut gagn├ę 6/0!!! avec un seul break, faut le faire!

  8. @picus11 If i miss pronounce a name it is´╗┐ because of American arrogance then? Yeah you’re a moron.

  9. Have you noticed how these players don’t ask´╗┐ for the towel after every shot played? – seems past players were made from much stronger stuff than today’s.

  10. love the way the ball on serve increased speed upon making contact with the grass.´╗┐ Real wimbledon. Top spin don’t bounce, and slice is slow as hell.

  11. @picus11 Nothing to do with french arrogance, it’s just that commentator. I’m french too and i never said ivasinevic. It’s comments like yours´╗┐ that start hate wars.

  12. Ivasinevi─Ź.
    French arrogance and inability to learn the name of a player whos been around for 6 years and was a 2´╗┐ times Wimby finalist so far.

  13. Go on Youtube for:

    “Wimbledon Speed 2003 2008”

    and you can see why today it s almost impossible to succeed with´╗┐ S&V in Wimbledon.

  14. @VerdascoFan

    Thats a´╗┐ good question. But I do love that you picked so many adjectives for one of them. I should really take a few moments to think of some adjectives for a Becker dive volley… but frankly I am not bothered ­čÖé

    If S&V wasnt as hard as it is now (due to the tech changes etc), wouldnt more people do it? How come Federer’s game has changed so much… from looking a bit like Sampras to looking almost like Nadal?

    I would love to see a return to wood let me tell you ­čÖé

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