25 thoughts on “Steffi Graf vs Chris Evert 1989 Wimbledon 2/2

  1. Chris played that game at 1-1 like the old Chris serving well under
    pressure and hitting that by so deep and consistent this evert was just not
    as mentally tough as she usually was and the errors showed but the match
    was much closer than the score indicated she played till 34 and some of her
    stats suffered graf played I believe to only 29

  2. McEnroe, Sampras, Borg, Federer, Nadal didn’t smile either on court. Steffi
    usually was all smiles when she won the big titles. Even shed some tears
    now and then. She is a quite emotional person who tried to control this
    during the matches.

  3. I don’t know what you mean. I always loved Steffi’s smile in the victory
    ceremonies in the late 80s and the 90s. And when she played good it was
    easy to see how pleased she was with herself. Not every culture demands a
    perpetual smile from women.

  4. Agreed, I am a huge Graf fan and I wasn’t old enough to really see these
    matches live so I never knew how good Evert played Graf. Both were great

  5. Guys, how often had young Steffi been in this situation? We all know that
    Graf did EVERYTHING rather rushed at this age. She did change overs fast,
    she rushed between serves, LOL that is just steffi. And normally you never,
    ever make the loser wait around after a match, they normally just want to
    get the hell out of Dodge City. She may have screwed this up, but it sure
    wasn’t intentionally rude, or narcissistic. It just wasn’t well thought
    through. she didn’t mean any harm.

  6. @wildfire1120 You want to play more to Graf’s backhand, but if you play
    half court tennis with her then you’re going to be in trouble. If you can
    pull Graf out wide on her backhand then it is effective. If you don’t get
    her far enough out of court, then you are hitting to her forehand in the
    open court. And lets not forget, her slice was a great weapon on most
    surfaces and she used it to set up her forehand. Evert had the best 2
    handed backhand in history so the tactic would work for her.

  7. From the score, you’d think Chris got demolished, but she actually played
    some pretty smart, effective tennis against Steffi. Glad I finally got to
    see this match.

  8. Just feel that in 89, her last yr of play, Chrissie was not psyched up for
    some of her matches. Mental toughness was her biggest asset and when that
    goes, there is no way of winning.

  9. 1985/86 Evert would perhaps be #1 today. At least #2. 1989 Evert was over
    the hill, though.

  10. I wish Chrissie would’ve tried a drop shot/lob combo. It’s her speciality.
    Yeah, I know it’s hard to drop shot when Graf is hitting so deep, but…

  11. Chris won the first set against Steffi in Boca Raton. After that it was a
    routine match for Steffi.

  12. Idiot Seles fanatic-obsessed Graf hater, it was clear to anyone with a
    brain (which excludes you apparently) that I was praising Evert for playing
    well enough to reach the Wimbledon semis and be as competitive as she still
    was on tour at age 34. You of course manage in your warped fucked up excuse
    of a mind into something else somehow. Why dont you stop wasting your time
    being a fool on youtube and do something with your sad pathetic life.

  13. I think people forget that Chris pulled out of the clay court season and
    didn’t play again until a grass warm-up tourament before Wimbledon were she
    played well for 2 rounds, and then ended up with a ear infection that had
    her out of that tournament and doubtful for Wimbledon, she had to play
    herself into this tournament. Unfortunately as was pointed out by the
    american commentators, she wasn’t as light on her feet, and moving as well
    in this match as she normally did.

  14. Great match, but routine? It was very hard fought until the very end; Evert
    battled away with an endurance that few of Graf’s contemporaries of that
    era could be expected to match. Not bad going for an old buzzard of 34 😉
    Graf outlasted her that day in the Floridian heat; her youth and fitness
    the telling factors.

  15. If anyone remembers, Evert had to struggle against golarsa in an epic and
    very hard match, so let’s also assume that Evert is drained , also evert
    acted the same when she was young , a match is a match and there’s no way
    she’d give a point to her opponent.I can tell you that graf had a great
    respect for Evert….

  16. She was at the end of her career, what would you expect. Navratilova was
    the latest bloomer ever and even she felt hopeless vs Graf or Seles by that
    age. Commend Chris for even playing pro tennis at that age.

  17. Did that self absorption ever truly fade over the following ten years? Graf
    seemed only to truly enjoy herself in her final year on tour, the smiles
    she showed then so sadly lacking in previous years. That aside, her ardent
    stride from the court were at the very least, cold and detached.

  18. Way tougher match than the scoreline suggested and what a rally early on in
    the set – 39 strokes you’d never see tennis like that these days

  19. chris really didn’t have any weapons to hurt steffi besides steadiness and
    strategy, in this match, chris had the right game plan, just pressed too
    hard and made waaay to many errors. by the middle of the second set, it
    looks like she was just going thru the motions, knowing she was going to
    lose and was expected to lose anyway especially on grass! on hard court and
    clay, chrissie at 34 about to be 35 in a few months could still hold her
    own against a player young enough to be her daughter!

  20. even if chrissie had done everything suggested it would have been very
    difficult to beat steffi on grass, especially since in 1989 the grass still
    played like GRASS, not the so called grass today which is basically a hard
    court with a grass cosmetic surface (i.e. that is why nadal can now compete
    and win! put him on the grass of the 60s,70’s and 80’s!) anyway, chris
    still could compete with steffi on every other surface at 34 almost 35
    years old! and t chrissie started off with wood racquets!

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