6 thoughts on “Steffi Graf vs Kim Clijsters 2009 Wimbledon 1/5

  1. Steffi is in such good shape.. and it seems she hasn’t aged, does not look
    like 40 at ALL!

  2. Dear me, BBC get your facts right. Saying Steffi last won the Australian,
    French and Wimbledon in 99 and the US in 98. Actually it was 94, 99, 96 and
    96. Also Seles was stabbed in 93 not 91.

  3. navratilova was probably green with jealousy for not being invited to play
    this exhibition 🙂

  4. @jazzplease I don’t think BBC made such a big mistake. But I guess ‘LAST’
    here means ‘Last appearance’. That’s my assumption. ^^

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