9 thoughts on “Tennis Channel interview post Wimbledon 2012

  1. I never knew she said that. I hate it when greats like Roger are written off too soon and are called to “retire”. I truly hope he pulls off one more major, preferably the US Open this year as I’ll be there. Thanks for the info….

  2. I agree that Navratilova was not being hostile by asking Federer whether he had been drinking but she did have to eat some serious crow. She was the one who said that Federer would never win a slam again in 2011 and Federer got annoyed with her for that.

  3. Navratilova begrudgenly gives Federer his props, and accuses him of being drunk. Like she could beat Federer. Navratilova could not get one point off Fed in a five set match.

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