6 thoughts on “Wimbledon 1999 Steffi Graf – Venus Williams

  1. @eric251982: Graf arguably the best WTA player of all time verses a talented kid that just graduated high school. Comments like yours take away from one of the greatest tennis battles of all time. Dude think about what you post because it sounds a little nutty. Let me add it’s Wimbledon ( the all England Club). Dick Enbergand, and Chris Evert are AMERICAN Sportscasters. No disrespect… wishing you well!

  2. When Steffi made an amazing, outstanding shot, it was because Venus messed up. When Venus made an amazing, outstanding shot, it was due to her skills.

  3. I am loving watching this as much as I did when it was live. But Jeeze, the commentators were for Venus at every single shot. Steffi could have brought World Peace during this match and the commentators would’ve said it was due to Venus. Jeebers.

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