25 thoughts on “Wimbledon 2009 Final – Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick NBC

  1. The greatest choke job in Wimbledon history. Poor Roddick, this was the
    beginning of the end of his career and Federer was one lucky man that day
    there’s no doubt.

  2. Man I wish Roddick had won a few more Slams. I think he deserved to. Just
    ran into Federer to many times. 

  3. Second set Tie-Break roddick wins that and he would have won his First
    Wimbledon but Federer just had that sign over him, a bit like Nadal has
    over all his opponents on Clay ..

  4. Poor Roddick,one of the few times I root for you and you lose,out played
    Federer- but missed that volley in the tie break. A funny dichotomy that
    year Serena and Roger were out played- Serena by Dementieva in the
    semifinal but still won and the same with Roger/ the Greats find a a way!

  5. who can give me hand and help to find that match in my collection. lookin’
    for downloads. thx a lot guys.

  6. Is this how he got so many slams?
    By beating one-dimensional bums like this.

    He took advantage of the weakest era in men’s tennis!

  7. It was not Nadal, nor Djokovic/Murray. The toughest final Federer ever won
    was this one. Feel sorry for Roddick, the ending is like the saddest movie
    I’ve ever seen; he deserved it that year, he played better than Roger until
    the fifth set arrived. We should remember him as a Wimbledon champion. As
    time passes, the future will remember just the winners, and not the
    runner-ups. Well, this one should survive as if he was a champion in this

  8. nadal has played in 20grandslam finals so hes had his chance to equal and
    beat federer’s 17 and failed. roger is betterer

    and if you want too talk about head to heads then nikolay davydenko leads
    nadal LOL . o and these players lead nadal on h2h too

    Slovakia Dominik Hrbatý 3–1
    Spain Àlex Corretja 2–0
    Australia Chris Guccione 1–0
    Thailand Paradorn Srichaphan 1–0
    Sweden Joachim Johansson 1–0
    France Olivier Mutis 1–0
    Germany Dustin Brown 1–0
    Australia Nick Kyrgios 1–0
    Croatia Borna Ćorić 1–0 .

    trying his best…..B4 HE JUST SUCKED

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