Federer back at the top

Roger Federer has again become the no.1 tennis player in the world after defeating British sensation Andy Murray in the Wimbledon Championship final. This was the 7th Wimbledon title for Federer and 17th Grand Slam for him. On being asked about becoming the no. 1 player in the world again, Federer said that when he moved down in the rankings in 2010, people were not sure whether he would be able to become the no. 1 player again or not. Federer said that after losing the no.1 ranking, he decided that he had to get back to the top position again anyhow. It has taken him 2 years to get back to the top, but, finally he did it.

On being asked about his feelings after winning the 7th Wimbledon title, Federer said that he is over the moon after that win over Murray. It is quite satisfactory to be back at the top again. On being asked about the preparations for the big event, London Olympics, Federer said that he has taken rest for a week and he is ready to go into the Olympics. He said that a short break is quite beneficial for the body, but, if you take a break for too long, you get a bit rusty and start feeling nervousness. On being asked about Raefel Nadal’s decision of keeping himself out of the London Olympics, Federer said that Rafa is a great player and a very strong competitor. Had he been a part of the event, it would have been so nice.

On being asked about Andy Murray, Federer said that he played well, but he got nervous during the vital moments. However, he said that Murray is a good enough player and a Grand Slam title is not far away from him. Federer said that he would also participate in the doubles competition in the Olympics.