24 thoughts on “Wimbledon 2012 Highlights – Roger Federer Beats Novak Djokovic

  1. You can never compare Federer to either Novak or Rafa. If Roger was the same age as Novak & Rafa – They will never have a Grand Slam. In short, they are LUCKY.
    Roger and Out :>

  2. Feds is the best, period. Only person I can think that comes close is Pete Sampras, but he most a different style of player.

  3. Check Federer’s backhand VS Nadal in last year’s world tour final… He destroyed Nadal there…

  4. Well, “riots” was a joke at the UK expense mostly due to the whole fact that they did have those somewhat recent riots. I didn’t actually mean the UK would riot after Murray lost, but the UK did have a tendency to shame/disown him after his straight set losses.

    That said, I’ve never been impressed with Murray until the Wimbledon final. He earned my respect by not backing down even under incredible pressure. I expected a boring final after the gripping Nole-Rog semi, but pleased to be wrong.

  5. Yeah, it’s easier for Fed to add variety and avoid baseline slugfest on grass than on clay.

  6. Djokovic is the absolute king. And my favourite athlete of all time.

    I have a video that I have posted up to help motivate people. Have a look and tell me what you think.

  7. Fed at the end of last year won- stokholm, basle, paris masters and atp tour finals
    this year- dubai, rotterdam, indian wells masters and madrid masters+ wimbledon
    he deserves #1 even just for 2wks to pass sampras
    then i dont think he wud care
    hes worked so hard

  8. that’s true, Djokovic has no excuses, he accepts it. Unlike Nadal who always has excuses.

  9. a djokovic le ha pasado con federer lo que le paso con nadal en roland garros…. pierde y no por los puntos ganadores del rival…sino principalmente por sus propios errores… la manda reiteradas veces a la red.. o fuera de la cancha …igual … espero k enmiende nole..

  10. Djokovic wasnt injured or ill, he lost fair and square
    he accepts that has a champion and moves on

  11. i think Fed deserved it more.
    he is 30, still winning grand slams and hasn’t one since 2010 until now, and its Wimbledon XD

  12. Federer’s one-handed backhand and his serve, even at this age are so incredibly underrated

  13. Well done roger- peace all tennis fans- nadal and djok will return
    fed is still a force
    murray- god its tough, u showed humanity and thats a gud thing- ul be back

  14. late reply but why would there be riots??? I’m pretty baffled by that statement. Anyway, Federer played great tennis and deserved to win but Murray put up a great fight and should be proud.

  15. congrats!!! your wish was granted…your Roger won. I was rooting for Murray ’cause he needs to win a grand slam… by the way, i am a Rafa’s fan. 

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