Roddick Loving Fatherhood

Andy Roddick has been in the news for something other than tennis this time. With a model wife by his side, Andy is always in the spotlight. They have recently welcomed Hank, their son, about eight months back.

It is safe to assume that he has not been potty trained. Brooklyn Decker, model cum actress is also a reason that Andy has been more often in the limelight. The tennis star has been executing his duties as a father at 33 years of age. There had been an unfortunate incident in which his wife shared through social media and had all the fans sharing a light moment.

Decker shared a photo with Andy, who had to sustain a pooping accident with his baby son on the flight. His wife shared the incident on social media. She stated how their baby has pooped on the father and they had to un-board with the paparazzi waiting outside to catch glimpses of them and to capture pics.

She decided to turn the incident into a humorous one. She got Andy to display the stain that had come onto his pants, which he concealed with a sweater slung on the waist. Decker caught Andy on the lens much before the paparazzi and before anyone guessed what had happened. Andy would have gotten away with the stain concealed, but Decker decided to make a show of it.

As the paparazzi caught them coming back to LAX they seemed to be in a relaxed mood. With the Instagram photos shared by Decker most were amused by Andy’s role as a dedicated father and the consequences he had to suffer while carrying his son on the flight. It was apparent that they had been off for a holiday during Memorial Day. It was spent with family members after which they were returning. Decker had on a cropped pant jumpsuit in gray, which was simple but gave her a relaxed look.