18 thoughts on “Roger Federer VS Andy Roddick — Wimbledon 2003 Highlights

  1. @Davewise1965 then u shouldn’t talk shit about someone u know nothing about, especially if u literally can’t hold a racket to them. He’s got millions of dollars, a loving trophy wife, won a grand slam, won davis cup, won 30+ atp titles, has been in the top 10 since 01, AND has been the world number 1. Whether he wins another gs or not (despite making 4 other finals) he’s a tennis hall of famer. I think we know he amounted to something, now you, on the otherhand, are just a moron who really wont

  2. Federer is an amazing player. Shame about his 16-8 H2H versus Nadal. Hard to call him the greatest, but he certainly is one of the greatest.

  3. I laughed so hard when I heard “A Roddick-like” forehand…probably the last time that was ever said about Federer hahaha

  4. people might criticize federer as much as they want, but that will never make him any less, the way he plays makes you wonder, how easy tennis is, he finishes 3 hours match barely sweating[at least thats what we see on tv] ,he does not make noises as he hits balls as fast as 120mph, since he came on the top of the tennis world, he made a class of his own, broke many records, made history, so ,federer haters, bark as much as you want, he is the greatest of all times.

  5. @Davewise1965 Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when one gives his, obviously we are going to consider the source. Obviously we aren’t going to consider that opinion seriously due to the lack of ethos

  6. @cj397 How can I qualify for a major tennis tournament, I am 45 years old and have never played tennis in my life. Please let me know when you get a brain.

  7. @Davewise1965 much more money than you will ever have. he’s actually done a lot and has millions did i say that already? let’s see you even qualify for a main draw into a major….

  8. nice one! i’ve always remembered that fantastic rally starting at 7:25 and the amazing finish!! roddick was smiling like “hey, this guy is extra-terrestrial !!”

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