25 thoughts on “Wimbledon 2011 – Roger Federer x Jo-Wilfried Tsonga [Roger’s Interview After Match]

  1. @ivanmrkvc7 and? I believe he can do it. even if its impossible I will support him as long as he continues to play. Inspiration never dies out. I’m pretty sure you would still root for you favorite person in any category, even if he is declining in skill. or you’re not a true fan just for rooting someone else because they’re better.

  2. federer will be stuck on 16 slams. his last slam was at 28 he had a good run he should retire at the end of next year. but he won’t do that i see him playing until 33, 34 and still be stuck on 16 slams.

  3. @themios72

    most of it came on clay and nadal is younger. If Roger played him more on hard court and grass early in Nadal’s career, this head to head would be more balanced.

  4. These questions of journalists are so useless to athletes. Journalists ask questions that athletes don’t even ask themselves.

  5. You just want to hug him 🙁 An incredible, inspirational, mesmerizing athelete, who, for me, will always be the ultimate player, professional, and sportsman. Love him.

  6. Roger is the greatest of all time. Jo played the match of his life. Yes, Roger has lost a step “father time” always wins the battle, but in his prime no one could beat him on grass, seemed like anywhere for that matter. Nadal will challenge the Grand Slam record, but will his knees hold up, idk! I personally do not believe so. However right now in 2011, Djoker is the best in the game. He owns Nadal, and the only man that can beat him now is the GOAT..Roger Federer

  7. @LittleVinnyCock yeah nadal wimbledon champion 2011, go suck it hahaha. Only 2 years end as number 1 i think thats it.

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