5 thoughts on “Roger Federer vs Pete Sampras— Wimbledon 2001

  1. Wimbledon greatest champion Pete Sampras the announcer says after the final point Roger Federer has just beaten the greatest grass court ever.

    Well it was about time Sampras played a decent grass player, Pete Baby could never play longer than 2 hours without a injury time out or a famous bathroom break!.

    So over rated

    Sad but its very true!

  2. Sampras was as a great player, but history will show how he came along at time when the competition was much lacking in skill one all the surfaces.

    Lets put it this way would Pete have won all the majors without is buzz-ka racket

    Answer is : NO

  3. Big like!
    Great piece of history, especially with wimbledon takes place nowadays.
    nice to see federer serve & volley so often.

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