5 thoughts on “Steffi Graf v Martina Navratilova 1988 Wimbledon Final Part 1 of 8 High Quality

  1. @LobOverTheBackhand Glad not everyone has forgotten Roz Fairbank. She nearly knocked Chrissie out the year prior in the 4th round (Chris won 7-5 in the third) and lost a tight match in the ’89 quarters to Lindqvist. She was a suberb grass court player that maybe lacked the belief that she could beat top players in the crunch.

  2. Rosalyn Faribank could’ve changed the course of women’s tennis had she beaten Martina. Chrissie would’ve been knocking on the door of #2 again.

  3. @Hilly30 many thanks for your nice comment.
    steffi’s performance in this final was sensational & superb 🙂

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