24 thoughts on “Roger Federer wins his 7th Wimbledon title

  1. This “old player” still plays and believe me he’s the best in the history no matter what ok?!

  2. Is this old player still on the tour ? I never see him in the final rounds. Somebody told me he won a challenger in Halle this year, beating Mansour Bahrami in final, and bursted into tears like a baby…

  3. Wow splendid1000…. Butthurt much!? You clearly don’t have anything constructive 2 do except criticize a world class millionaire sports star on a site where no body really gives a pile of poo

  4. I remember feeling bad for Murray more than feeling happy for Roger…. That said now watching this back I do feel quite happy for him

  5. Not to mention he never did much off of clay anyway. One AO and One USO … Amazing … Two Wimbys on Green Clay, I mean grass … Incredible… Funny how Rafa couldn’t win shit off clay until they slowed both USO and Wimby down a SECOND time for pansy Fagget pushers like him. As for Nadal’s competition, big fucken deal. He’s had a post prime Fed, Djoke and Murray and he was only playing well BEFORE Djoke and Murray started to peak. Nadal will always be known as a clay court butt picking pusher.

  6. Nadal can’t do shit outside of clay anymore and he and everyone else knows it. Just look at his schedule so far this year – 8/10 tournaments all on clay. The only reason he hasn’t played everything on clay is because he’s gota win a slam on grass or hard if he wants to even be in contention for the top spot. Gaydal is the biggest pussy on the tour. Always hurt and always has a bullshit excuse everytime he loses. All he can do is grind and push. Bitch ass Spaniard should have stuck with soccer.

  7. LoL @ Triple Bagel … Wow, you sound like a Complete Nooblet that’s never played, but you’re right, Nadal IS better on clay, and guess what else? Nobody gives a shit about clay HaHaHaHa!!!
    Real tennis is played on Grass and Fast Hard Court. It doesn’t really exist anymore but USO and Wimbledon are still watchable.
    As for Sampras’ two losses towards the end of his career … He was 30 years old and didn’t give a fuck at that point. Wasn’t training and had a new family to worry about.

  8. Sampras was an useless shit on clay,imagine him playing at RG with Rafa – triple bagel guaranteed..Not to mention he got humiliated by Safin & Hewitt (future Fed’s bitches) in two USO finals + fucked by 19-yo Federer at Wimby’01 (back when grass was hella fast).Good ol’ Pistol Pete is simply overrated (Rafa will soon surpass him on All Time list)
    As for “lucky” Nadal..In his heyday (04-07) Roger had pretty shitty competition (from mentally weak Safin to eternal loser Roddick),so who’s lucky ffs

  9. Nadal and Federer are both seeded to meet each other at this years quarter-final. If they meet it’ll be their first meeting on grass since……..you know when!

  10. I have a feeling Roger is about to retire soon. You can see it in his eyes when he sits and stares at Mirka and his children. I’d be willing to bet that when his children were born, the peak of his happiness couldn’t be replaced, not even tennis. You can compare and contrast with young Murray’s look of disappointment, but hope in that he might win Wimbledon one day. As for Federer, it’s the exact opposite. He’s had enough, and I believe that he thinks it’s almost time to say goodbye.

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