20 thoughts on “Steffi Graf at Wimbledon Millenium Celebration

  1. John Barrett said during Martina introduction “probably the greatest player of all time – Martina Navratilova”

  2. Thanks for posting this, do you know what the title of the music is being played during the presentation of the champions

  3. martina n. and chris e. looked mighty jealous…wonder what they were both thinking during steffi’s introduction…lol especially martina always critical of steffi.

  4. OMG this makes me cry when they all stand for Steffi the best tennis player of all time man or woman!

  5. no the roar was for Wade you idiot, shes english, they hated Evert for years and only tolerated her coz she married that loser John Lloyd

  6. Did you hear the roar when the audience first sees evert and borg?

    Thanks for uploading.

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