25 thoughts on “Tsonga vs Federer Final Set Wimbledon 2011 Quarter Final

  1. So correct me if im wrong:

    djokovic is nadal’s daddy

    nadal is federer’s daddy

    federer is djokovic’s daddy

    Thats’s how three of them are related!

  2. Hello, oh TSONGA!!! you should more eat KINDER BUENO, for to win something for this real white root game, thanks, bye

  3. @anismessi rog wasn’t in his 100% he was leading 5-2 but mentally he was think he will going to lose!!

  4. @eviilhomerr I totally agree with u bro…novak, delpo murray tsonga. are far better than safin hewit or roddick in terms of competition.. fedrer did not have guyz hu could beat him so regularly(may be he was way too god for them). but there are atleast 3 players hu cud beat rafa regularly.. 🙂

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