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  1. @77alena
    in most respects I agree with you except for 2 points Chris Evert has the highest winning percentage of any tennis player man or woman. And second, Martina is still tied with Billie Jean King for titles at Wimbeldon @ 20.

  2. ok now lets end this debate and bs….Chris is a great friend and opponet to Martina. Navratilova holds the titles but Chris has the highest winning percentage of ANY tennis player EVER! Both ladies are superb athletes and great women and Martina was a really nice neighbor to me so cut the crap and celebrate them both.

  3. @AntiFanBoy1 I see you enjoy trolling on the best players of ALL sports. Get a life?

  4. @kljMN2 she alwyas made excuses and didnt alwy7as give her opponents their due, she was actually quite a bitch at times

  5. @zeeksgay You’re absolutely right. The fact that your comment has been taken out because of “too many negative reponses” (?????) is censorship. Isn’t that what America is NOT supposed to be all about? Martina was the greatest, no matter what all the whiney, cry-baby, sour-grapes Evert fans say. Interestingly enough, Chrissie her self never denied or disputed Martina’s supremacy as a player.

  6. Monica Seles’ match point ball was called out in 1990 when she was playing Garrison in the quarter-finals. Would’ve been interesting to see Seles play Martina on grass in 1990.

  7. @Marchjoy1963 I followed Martina’s career from the time she was 16 years old.What you say is really not true.Navratilova was known among the other women for being very fair and very generous to her opponents. Even Evert said so on more than one occasion.Martina was very emotional and always gave vocal expression to everything she was thinking or feeling.Probably a mistake, as complete openness is so susceptible to mis-interpretation, but that’s the way she was.If you just don’t like her, fine.

  8. @kljMN2 : I want to change this; Martina, obviously, is the greatest of all time (over Graf!). Chrissie, IMO, is third best-ever.

  9. An eastern european woman that looks like a man. She was stronger than Johnny Mac. At the winners dance, they didn’t know who the girl was. I can’t believe she was on steroids? And then the AARP to hold her up as a fitness example. WHAT A JOKE.

  10. Martina is the best women tennis player of all time. Chris just said in a new documentary coming in September on Espn, that Martina at her best was better than she was at her best. Chris and Martina have a very special relationship and are very close friends. I personally can’t wait for this documentary because Chris and Martina will always be the best rivals in tennis history. Off the court they are very good friends.

  11. I remember when Martina used to play doubles with Billie Jean, she was always wineing about calls, and her favorite was the chalk, the chalk… she was like a female Ilse Nastasie. She was full of excuses when she lost her matches, I didn’t feel she was a good sport at all.

  12. @zeeksgay First of all its not a lie Martina, is the wineiest of the ladies that I can remember, in all the years I have been watching tennis. What is the lie is your statement that Chris didn’t credit Martina !! Chris never had excuses, never made excuses… always credited her opponents victories even when she was sick or had an injury. Chris was class to the core !

  13. @MrPernell27 Agreed. for Evert to win, Martina has to be off a little. Martina has more game and the head to head records prove it. Evert couldn’t beat Graf at 35 whereas Martina beat Graf & Seles at 36.

  14. @jokerwildest that’s a lie! To begin with, Martina had to work hard for the prejudiced crowd to win them over. She’s just emotional but that’s her nature. She was always gracious to rivals. Why don’t you watch the awards ceremony on you tube when whe was beating Evert. She was all grace. It was Evert in the beginning who didn’t credit Martina for beating her. Evert had all the excuses in the world.

  15. Martina wined, but mainly from wanting the match to be perfect…other players called her the fairest that ever played- you hear her constantly saying ‘great shot’ or ‘too good’ when people got the ball by her/etc…she gave her all, and if that’s not enough for people- they’re the losers.

  16. anyone that says chris was better than Martina is a complete fool. Plain and simple, Martina is the best female player ever. There’s not even a legitimate argument against it.

  17. iv.nevered.admired.her.she.whinged.wasnt.gracious.evert.was.better.in.every.way.so.gracious.

  18. I am an exact contemporary of Martina, and saw virtually all of her matches live or on TV, and what you write is simply not true. All of her main rivals over the years always said, noone was fairer on the court than Martina. The real problem was she was just too good and it bothered the mediocrity-loving middle class (other women, mainly). She was also open about being gay, and there are lots of homophobes in this world, as I’m sure you know. Please: who’s not giving credit here?

  19. Personally i always preferred martina to Chris because I loved her style. I used to find the endless baseline play from Chris a bit monotonous for my personal liking although I acknowledge she was amazing at it. I’m a sucker for the emotional player as well rather than the more cool and distant type.

  20. I remember watching all of these matches over the years, Martina was always winey on the court .. questioning calls and acting up, never giving her opponents credit , always making excuse when she lost. She wasn’t very likeable, but she was a great player.

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